Facebook Time Line Remover/Blocker/Disable – How To Get Your Old Facebook Back

Facebook Time Line Remover/Blocker

Disable Facebook Time Line


How To Get Your Old Facebook Back

Old Facebook - User Friendly

Old Facebook – User Friendly

Facebook is one place that we all love to hang out together and share just about anything with our friends and loved ones, business associates or social media & social networking.

Facebook is Fun, sociable and STOP right there.

Since the introduction of Facebook time line, Facebook to me and many others including hundreds of my friends has become a selfish, self centered place where its all about individuals and Facebook making money from us.

Facebook Time Line

New Facebook Time Line

New Facebook Time Line

Totally understandable on the Facebook Business side of things however, before “Time Line” it was fun, sociable, and easy to navigate and participate with your friends, fans, business etc.

Since i am a full time user of Facebook, not only for personal use, but for professional use with social media & social networking, i can say this for sure, that Facebook is not as good as it used to be.

If you are a fan of Facebook Time Line, that’s ok too. Life is all about choice, so depending on how you are using Facebook this Blog is still a handy tool just in case you change your mind.

We all had no choice but to switch to the new Facebook Time Line.

The great news is that there are a few ways you can Get Your Old Facebook Back.

Whats that i hear you saying? Yay! woohoo!

Here, I will show you “How To Get Your Old Facebook Back” in just a minute.

Tons of you may say, “oh well, things change, get used to it” I actually say Nope, not gonna happen.

I say No to Facebook Time line and here are just a few reasons why.

  • When you visit your profile or any one else’s profile  to view the entire cover pic, you need to slightly move the scroll bar on the right to view the whole image.
  • Images displayed on the wall are not fully visible. This is frustrating especially if you are doing promotional work.
  • Real time, seeing what your gaming friends are doing and communicating is now a more difficult task. I’m sure most people will agree that Facebook time line ruined the social aspect of sharing in games.

Zoo World on Facebook

  • Time Line wall is a little confusing with the layout.

  • Adding friends to Facebook Lists is frustrating at times, especially when you choose the option – Show On All Lists…  with the tiny scroll bar. Often i have to click on the Friends tab to reveal the drop down menu and try again to access the right list to place that newly added friend in. I can hear you all saying “Yep, she’s right”.

  • The settings are so well hidden like Notes, or finding recent friends added etc, just the basics of Facebook changed so much, so many people stopped using Facebook and believe me, so many of my friends just gave up.
  • I’m sure you also know at least 1 person who gave up on Facebook too, especially our seniors. This was sad in its self.Considering that before time line was introduced Facebook users in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s could come to Facebook and happily interact with all of us with ease.

No need to go into full detail about Time Line because if your into social media like i am , since Time line was introduced its more difficult to see whats going on in real time, and now if we want to highlight a post we must pay.

As my Dad would say “Them’s the breaks“.

Example: Say I have a Facebook group,or Facebook page, well actually, I’m admin in many lol.

Styl-Plus Facebook Group

Styl-Plus Facebook Group

NativeBoy Facebook page

NativeBoy Facebook page

With the New Timeline, often i will miss seeing some one posting in real time like the old Facebook where on the lower left, a speech bubble will pop up. This old Facebook is exceptional for interacting with  group members & fans etc.

Now Time to get you back to your user friendly Facebook experience

Since Facebook Time Line was introduced I was always keeping an ear out to see how i could magically Get my old Facebook back.

I have done a lot of research on this subject and have trialed a few different Facebook Time Line Removers/Blockers/Disable FB TL

This is how a Time Line Remover/Blocker works

Its a tiny program that is a Plug-in installed into your Browser to Remove/Block/Disable the Facebook Time Line.

After you install this Plug-in, either restart your browser or load  Facebook in a new tab for the changes to take effect.

Old Facebook - User Friendly

Old Facebook – User Friendly

Now you will see the old Facebook layout and say “yay! woohoo”!  “I can see my friends and interact with them like I used to and easily feel like a Facebook Pro again”.  Just so you all know, I have never ever looked back. Bye Bye to Facebook Time Line 🙂

Time Line to me, is not user friendly, especially when it comes to social networking & social Media.

Facebook Social Graph World Wide

These are only my personal thoughts & those of my friends on Facebook which i have been interacting with daily for years.

There are a more than a few Facebook Time line Removers i have tried. So far I prefer This one Timeline Remove

Timeline Remove:  http://www.timelineremove.com/

 Or Try:

Social Reviver:  http://www.socialreviver.net/

Lots of my Facebook gaming friends like Social Reviver. It does have some extra features, so if you are a serious Facebook game playing person, you’ll enjoy it.

Let your Facebook fun live on once again 😀

You can easily uninstall any Plug-in by going to the settings in your browser – look for Extensions – From there you can disable it or simply delete it, then restart your browser.

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